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We are proud to offer Superior Threads including King Tut Quilting threads suitable for both Hand and Machine Quilting and Masterpiece which is a great choice for your hand or machine piecing needs.

King Tut is one of nature’s finest thread. Extremely low lint thanks to the Egyptian-grown extra-long staple cotton fibers, you’ll spend more time quilting and less time cleaning out your machine. Available in 133 variegated and solid colors, you won’t run out of color options. King Tut has been designed for quilting on both home machines and longarm machines.

  • Available in 133 colors.

  • Extremely-low lint allows for more time quilting and less time cleaning your machine

  • Recommended Needles & Tension settings Topstitch #90/14. Set tension to 3.0-4.0

MasterPiece is one of nature’s finest thread. Say goodbye to linty cotton threads and the mess they leave in your machine. Available in 75 solid colors. Specifically created for piecing, MasterPiece creates smooth stitches and holds your fabric together without adding any bulk at the seams. We recommend piecing with a #50 cotton thread, such as MasterPiece, because cotton can be ironed on high heat without the risk of melting.

  • Available in 75 solid colors to match your quilt blocks.

  • Very smooth with virtually no lint, which means less time cleaning your machine and more time sewing.

  • Recommended Needle: Topstitch or Microtex Sharp #80/12.

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