The story behind the shows

The story behind the shows

Have you ever been along to a quilt show ? Have you ever been spoilt for choice from all the lovely goodies for sale? Have you ever stopped to think about how much preparation goes into what you are seeing? Well we thought we would give you a little insight ......


Quilt shows are a wonderful opportunity for us to show what we have been creating, inspired by and now stock. It is lovely to meet so many like minded people and put faces to names. It is also good to see what people have been making and what sorts of things are popular. But for every trader there, the preparation starts months in advance.


With our lovely Batiks having such an intricate dyeing and colouring process we often order them up to 6 months in advance and we always have the shows in mind when ordering.  Once the fabric arrives there is much deliberation about what lovely projects to start to show off the lovely colours and fabrics. Whilst this is a dream come true in many ways, we do have to be very careful not to spend too much time day dreaming about all the lovely things we 'want' to make!! "I know it's a hard life for some".


So on to the cutting, packing, wrapping and knitting...... For us it is very important that people visiting the shows on the last day have the same experience as those who visit on the first day. This means that we have to make sure we have enough of everything so we don't run out. This week alone we have cut over 30 jelly rolls and 60 bag kits, no mean feat in this kind of weather.  With less than three weeks to go until we arrive at Festival of Quilts to set up we are still overloaded with new ideas and inspiration that we would love to share with you.  Safe to say it will be a busy and buzzy build up to the show this year.


If you have any ideas of things that you would like to see at the show or any questions please feel free to send us a message or give us a call. We love to hear your thoughts and we are always happy to help!

Pop along to say hello at the Festival of Quilts, you will find us as always on stand A1 😊 

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