About us

Hi Everyone,
My name is Rox and I am the proud owner of Hannah's Room.
So who is Hannah I hear you ask? Well, Hannah is my older sister. My mum, Claire used Hannah's bedroom as a sewing room once Hannah had left home back in 1999. This is where Hannah's Room began. Specialising only in Batik fabrics from suppliers such as: Hoffman fabrics, Island batiks, Robert Kaufman, Moda and many more, Hannah's Room soon became established as the UK's leading batik specialist.
Since then Hannah's Room has grown and grown. I took over Hannah's Room over 8 years ago. As well as juggling a busy family life, being the mum of 4 children and having a business works quite well and I am keen to show my children the pride in working hard as well as the value of quality time together.
I am passionate about Hannah's Room and all that we do. We ONLY stock the best quality of INDONESIAN BATIK FABRICS. My motto is "If I don't like the quality, I won't stock the fabric". As a quilter, sewer, crafter and total 'half project' maker, I understand the investment we all make in the projects we begin.
I am keen to constantly improve the experience for my customers whether that's online, at shows, talks and workshops. We value your feedback so please do feel free to get in touch.
All the best

Rox & the team