Beautiful Batik Club

Hannah's Room Beautiful Batik Club

Beautiful Batik Club members receive 6 fat quarters, 3 half metres or OUR NEW DELUXE EDITION MEMBERSHIP allows you to receive 6 HALF METRES of beautiful batiks every two months.

The aim of the club is to provide members with a selection of wonderful batiks from our quality range collection of over 500 batiks from Bali, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Every other month you will be sent YOUR BEAUTIFUL BATIKS and the cost of these is charged to your credit card, Direct Debit or PayPal invoice.

The standard membership is charged at £20.96 for UK members and £22.50 for non UK members on a bi monthly basis. The DELUXE edition membership is charged at £20.96 every month allowing you to spread the cost.

You will also receive your own personal loyalty card which will entitle you to 10% off any purchase made whilst you are a member.

If you do not wish to keep the fabrics you can return them and we will refund the cost of the fabrics less the postage. All fabrics must be returned if you choose to do this.

Your membership is indefinite, but you can cancel at any time by giving one month\'s written notice of your wish to do so.