Talks & Presentation

We can offer bespoke talks and workshops for groups of all sizes and capabilities.

Our talks are designed to be both informative and interactive, with a fun and informal feel. Talks last approx 1 hour and we will supply an array of quilts and ideas, as well as an opportunity to ask questions and share stories.

Here are some examples of our talks:

The Beauty of Batiks: This talks provides the audience with and insight into the process of Bali batiks, including a manufacturers video. We will bring props and samples that your group can handle and pass around. During the talk the audience will also be given an explanation of the history behind the batiks and how they have developed over the centuries. This is one of our most popular talks and audiences have often commented on how much they have learnt.

The Perils of a Quilt Shop Owner: Who wouldn't want to own a quilt shop right? This fun and comical talk is designed to give your group an insight in to the ups and downs of being on the other side of the quilt shop counter. This talk is filled with laughs and anecdotes and is a real favourite.

The History of Hannah's Room: So which one is Hannah? We are always being asked who is the Hannah behind Hannah's Room? This talk is a good introduction to Hannah's Room.

Your group will come away from the talk feeling like part of the family after hearing about who we are, where we have come from, what we stand for and where we are heading.